Real Time Two-Way Sync to OneDrive

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Real Time Two-Way Sync to OneDrive

Post by CaveyMike » Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:18 pm

This must have been asked oodles of times, but I can't find an answer.

On my old QNAP I use Cloud Drive Sync to real-time sync 6 different OneDrive accounts to the NAS - changes can be made to OneDrive (such as from a phone) or to the NAS folder and the two faithfully replicate each other.

On my new QNAP, with Cloud Drive Sync no longer supported it looks as though I need to use HBS to do the same thing. However I can't figure out how to do a 2-way sync; I can sync *from* OneDrive *to* the NAS, but any changes I make on the NAS are discarded and not uploaded to OneDrive.

How do I resolve this?

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