HBS 3 for GoogleDrive Sync - doesn't seem to complete Sync, ever.

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HBS 3 for GoogleDrive Sync - doesn't seem to complete Sync, ever.

Post by iainmc » Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:55 pm

I've just (been forced) to set up HBS 3 for Google Drive Sync after upgrading to QTS 4.5.1 (as GoogleDriveSync app doesn't have a valid certificate, so QTS 4.5.1. has disabled it).

I "think" it's working from examining the syc'd files in QFILE, but I'm the HBS 3 Sync status never completes (prermanently "running"), and I'm seeing a continuing background task for HBS 3; the logs never show a "completed" status of the job.

It's a two way sync (I probably don't need two way, could change to a one way sync (Google Drive to NAS), but but maybe some day I'll change a file on the NAS, so I'm happy to leave it that way for now unless it's affecting things badly.

Initially set it up as a real time sync, but after a few hours I changed the job to a daily one at 3am, to see if that helped, but it's still there, so I stoped the Sync, and changed it back to a realtime sync again.

The Background Task says the Sync status on HBS3 is "waiting" but inside HBS 3 it shows as Sync: "Running" as has done for 12 hours now even though all the files from Google Drive appear to be present on the NAS

Is this normal?


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