[Advice] TS-431P Upgrading/Migrating to TS-653D

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[Advice] TS-431P Upgrading/Migrating to TS-653D

Post by frankytea » Mon Oct 19, 2020 5:55 am

Bought my first QNAP (TS-431P 2 2TB & 3 TB WD Red) 3 years ago, and did not realize what I was getting into. I recently purchased the TS-653D with 3 10TB WD Red and upgraded RAM to 16GB on my own. I wanted the community thoughts and suggestion on upgrading/migrating from my current set up.

Current setup is a MacMini 2012 serving as a Plex Media Server with PlexPass (providing 2-3 streams concurrently at most some transcoding due to subtitles), and Radarr, Sonarr, Tranmission, and QVPN apps installed on the NAS. Also have UDM set up with VLAN for my network.

  • Would it be beneficial to set up RAID on the new system? (Currently not using RAID)
  • Plan on keeping the old NAS to back up files (would this need to be RAID?) (I will have an external HDD for important data
  • Would I be able to set it up the TS-653D to back up to TS-431P periodically?
  • Would like to be able to add HDD to expand capacity in the future
  • Also considering adding NVMe SSD for App/Caching, is that recommended?
  • Would you recommend migrating current NAS configuration (apps/vpn) over to the new TS-653D with backup file or doing a fresh set up?
Plex Media Server
  • Should I move the PMS from the MacMini to the TS-653D (will it handle the streaming/some transcoding with subtitles) Majority of content are 1080, some old music collection, and photos.
  • If I do move PMS to the TS-653D would you set it up through with the app or docker? (I found some information that docker would be more stable and up to date with grabbing the file image) and I know there would be a learning curve
  • If I use Docker for Plex, does the other apps such as Radarr/Sonarr need to be on docker as well or stick with the regular app?
  • Possibly utilizing Dropbox sync, or backing up photos from the phone automatically
  • Setting up Surveillance storage, currently using cloud based cameras, considering UniFi protect cameras
  • Also looking for recommendation to maximize the most usage out of the new NAS
I apologize if these questions are all over the place, just getting excited with the possibilities.
I appreciate any knowledge/wisdom this community can share.

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