iscsi taget not accessable

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iscsi taget not accessable

Post by mattias180 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:13 am


My first post in this furum so please be gentle :)

I have a old 559pro+ that has served me good over the years. Everything works fine exept my iscsi target witch has important files in it. I think the problem started since the last upgrade to 4.2.6. In windows explorer it now just says "F:\ is not avaiable , "access denied" and looks like a currupted harddrive. I have had this mapped in windows for years without problem. I also now tried mapping it on another computer with the same result. Also tried restarting the nas several times. Also tried doing a LUN backup and restore, same thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting this?


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