Folder on iscsi drive missing

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Folder on iscsi drive missing

Post by chris250 » Thu May 14, 2020 9:58 pm

I have a QNAP TS-453a which using an iscsi volume connected to Windows 10 Pro running a Plex server. This was a hastily installed system years ago as I was going through a divorce so I understand the setup is not ideal and I did the best I could with time and resources (Next time will be an NFS share). That being said, the storage volume is a block based thin lun 12Tb (16Tb capacity in the NAS using four 6TB WD Red drives using Raid). The windows partition on the drive was at 8Tb and it ended up filling. Since then, the Media/Movies folder containing all of my movies has disappeared but the TV Shows and other folders are still present. The files in the Movie folder are still present, but have become inaccessible. Storage Manager still shows 8Tb used, Windows shows 8Tb used, Recuva finds the 1770+ files on the drive but ignores them (total sum of files counting TV Shows and movies). The remainder of the storage is available barring a 3Tb system volume with only 600Mb used. The folders are not present or accessible in any fashion (not deleted, not hidden). Any ideas on methods where I may be able to recover some of the data before having to go back through and re-rip almost 600 DVDs? I have all of my physical media, but really don't want to re-rip everything.

Thanks in advance!


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