Update breaks NFS authentication

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Update breaks NFS authentication

Post by lordbyte » Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:21 pm

Hi, I just applied to my TS-453A as all of a sudden with the previous update I was getting a 'Connection Refused' error when mounting the NFS shares from my Mac (it used to work before the latest updates)....

and now it seems QNAP did a little overhaul in the NFS section (changing the labelling in 'NFS Host Access' from the old 'ALL_SQUASH' etc. to a more wordy and friendly version), but it seems in the process they broke NFS authentication too!

I can now mount shares that have NO_SQUASH or (ROOT_SQUASH) under 'NFS Host Access' on any of my Macs using any account, even if the Mac accounts do not exist on the QNAP (no matching uid/gid locally) and even if the account on the QNAP with the matching uid/gid is listed as 'Deny' in Shared Folders/Access Privileges...

/etc/config/nfssetting on QNAP has the following:

Code: Select all

Version = 4.2.1
squash_check = 1

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public = TRUE
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal = TRUE

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public =
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal =

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public = rw
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal = rw

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public = root_squash
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal = root_squash

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public = 65534
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal = 65534

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public = 65534
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal = 65534

/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/New_Normal = 0
/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Public = 0
So what is going on?


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Re: Update breaks NFS authentication

Post by pcdoc1958 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:34 pm

Have not verified NFS but it also broken Windows authentication. I can no longer write to my shares unless I use the admin account.

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