Permissions not working whatsoever. - TS-228A

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Permissions not working whatsoever. - TS-228A

Post by trizocbs » Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:21 am

I'm new here as I bought my TS-228A unit today. Unfortunately, setup has been far from pleasing in my case.

I am aiming to get the following folder perms for windows network drive access:

User1 can access: PublicHub
User1 can write in: PublicHub\User1Private, PublicHub\PublicShare

User2 can access: PublicHub
User2 can write in: PublicHub\User2Private, PublicHub\PublicShare

I set up the perms like that:
PublicHub: AdminOnly for new folders
PublicHub\User1Private: Write for User1, deny for User2
PublicHub\User2Private: Write for User2, deny for User1
PublicHub\PublicShare: Write for User1 and User2

However, I cannot write into any folder with either of the users.
Things I tried:
- Reboot
- Recreating users
- Recreating folders + perms
- leaving away the adminonly perm for PublicHub
- editing perms using control panel /shared folders

At this point I really don't know what else I could do, maybe someone can help me.

Kind regards
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