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Hide $RECYCLE.BIN Folder

Post by Emmerell » Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:53 am

I've mapped some network shares to my Win7 Box. After restarting Win7 on each mapped drive, a folder $RECYCLE.BIN appears. I could delete it, but it will reappear quite soon. So I've tried to edit /etc/config(smb.conf and append .$RECYCLE.BIN/ to the veto files.
So far so good, but after restarting the qnap, the veto files line is the same as before. No $$RECYCLE.BIN Entry at the veto files line.
I've tried to restart samba by starting /etc/init.d/smb.sh restart.
Does anyone knows how can I edit the /etc/config/smb.conf persistently and get rid of the $RECYCLE.BIN-Folders?


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