Permissions, Windows and Strange Behaviour....

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Permissions, Windows and Strange Behaviour....

Post by rajt » Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:17 am

I have a NAS TS 209 II with latest firmware.

I have been getting strange permission behaviour.

I am getting permission denied error on some sub-directories but only on some machines. I can access the files, but cannot delete from the directory or add files, i.e. read-only.

For example:

Location \\nas\General\User1\Documents and Settings\My Documents
Gives me read-only access to this directory on Machine 1 but fine on another machine.

However, if I go up one directory then it's fine (\\nas\General\User1\Documents and Settings) on both machines??

\\nas\General has full access permissions set.

Each machine (Vista) has users set up with the same name and workgroup.

Can anyone help, or is there a Unix way of 'resetting' all the permissioning on the folders using 'chmod' ?


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