"Cannot connect netword disk" Windows 7

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"Cannot connect netword disk" Windows 7

Post by nanoid » Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:47 am


I have a T-119 and just changed to Windows 7 which caused me some problems. I mount Qmultimedia and Public maps on the NAS in Windows and two problems occour. The first one is tht if I choose to make the disks available offline (and everything works fine then) Windows keeps syncronizing the files and eating up CPU.
If I choose not to make the files available offline I get the popup "cannot connect network disks" everytime the computer restarts and the disks have a red cross on the m BUT if I click on them everything works and the cross goes away.

The last situation works alright for me but I need to get away from the popups and red crosses which drives me mad!

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