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HybridMount Cache Cannot Be Encrypted

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 12:47 pm
by dkaplan
I'm a new QNAP user with a TS-451+. I chose it, in part, because it claims to support encryption at rest. This prevents your data from being compromised if either the entire NAS or the hard drives themselves are stolen. Note that to preserve this protection you must *not* allow the NAS to store the encryption password, but rather maintain it externally, and enter it manually any time the NAS is (re)started. I'm good with all of that - it's exactly what I wanted! :-)

However, unless I've missed something, no provision has been made to provide this same protection for any data that's pulled down from the cloud by HybridMount and stored in the local (NAS) cache for immediate access. Since the HybridMount disk cache is / cannot be encrypted, all of this data can potentially be compromised if your NAS or hard drives get into the wrong hands. :-( This seems like a pretty serious omission, and I'm hoping I've just missed something. If not, then this begs to be added as a new feature in HybridMount.