Download Station: Dynamic priority...

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Download Station: Dynamic priority...

Post by Kvarnen » Fri Sep 14, 2007 4:17 pm

Hi guys.

If I compare the Download Station to... for instance uTorrent for Windows, they have different ways of dealing with priorities. While the Download Station uses "hard" priorities, uTorrent uses a download speed-based priority that works better for unprioritized tasks, typically bittorrent files.

Download Station always downloads the "n" first tasks (where "n" is set in the Configurestion Panel). If there are no seeders for those tasks, the Download Station will stop at 0% download rate until either seeders has appeared and the download is finished, or the user manually pauses the task, allowing the next one in line to be downloaded.

uTorrent checks the download rate of all the torrents one at a time and downloads the ones with the highest download rate, regardless of task priority. That way it's hard to prioritize tha tasks, but the total task download will probably be higher. Personally, I like the uTorrent way better...

A middle-ground would be to have some kind of "dynamic priority": Kind of a time-out for running tasks. If the task has been at 0 kbit/s download rate for - say - 10 minutes, the task is automatically down-prioritized. Either to the end of the Running list or to "n"+1. It is not ever paused automatically, though.

That way slow or halted downloads will not stop the Running list, and since the tasks aren't automatically paused the tasks WILL be downloaded eventually. This would typically be a selectable option, called something like "Use dynamic priority". The option could even be selectable on a per-task basis. That way I can choose when I set up the task if it should have a "hard" priority or if the total download rate is more important to me...

Any takers? Any comments?

/ Kvarnen
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Post by QNAPRei » Wed Sep 19, 2007 5:19 pm

Hi Kvarnen,

Thanks for your great suggestions. We'll consider them.
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