Prestashop: Access from Internet with Fritzbox and dynamic DNS

PrestaShop is a free, open source, cross-platform, and web-based(PHP5) eCommerce shopping cart application.
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Prestashop: Access from Internet with Fritzbox and dynamic DNS

Post by braunw » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:01 pm

i wanted to build myself an e-shop using Prestashop and now i cannot access the shop over the net. Admin- and Shop-View does work in the internal network over the 192.168.1.xx address.
The Fritz.Box is accessible from the net, so is the QNAP239, with Port Forwarding over my Fritzbox. I also managed to setup and access a normal website, but i don´t know how to setup the Shop-URL in the SEO/URL-Setup section of Prestashop.

My setup:

- Router: FRITZ!Box 7390, FRITZ!OS:06.53
- Dynamic DNS:
- NAS: QNAP 239 II pro+
- Prestashop (standard installation over QNAP Apps)

- Port Forward 11111 in Fritz.Box setup points to my NAS, NAS is accessible over
- Webserver of NAS is activated, i also tried some options with "Virtual Hosts", e.g. Port 66666 pointing to the /web/prestashop directory.
But nothing worked for me getting access to Prestashop from the net.

I already searched the forum, and found that topic "Can't access Prestashop frontend-site from internet (SOLVED]", but i seems, that here the NAS has it´s own dynamic IP, while in my setup, the Fritzbox is between net and NAS and therefore i need Port Forwarding as a first step.

Any help is highly appreciated!

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