Can't access Prestashop frontend-site from internet (SOLVED]

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Can't access Prestashop frontend-site from internet (SOLVED]

Post by mediterrano » Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:06 am

I'm using TS-419P+ with the latest firmware v4.0.2 and the latest Prestashop v1.5.6.0 with the below template from TemplateMonster ... 42505.html

I have activated and configured the DDNS service on QNAP and setup DDNS on

Using the host-name I have registered on, I am now able to access from internet ANY website on QNAP EXCEPT the front-end of Prestashop.
This means, I am even able to access Prestashop back-end site, along with all the other websites like TV-Station, VideoStation, myPHPadmin etc etc.

This proves that DDNS is setup correctly and router is configured correctly.

When I try to access from internet the Prestashop front-end site, the URL I enter ( gets converted to As is a private address and can thus not be resolved in the public network, the request fails.

Any idea why is this happening? And why is this happening only with the Prestashop frontend-site? And what needs to be done to correct it?

UPDATE 16.11.2013 17:11:
In Prestashp admin site, on the Preferences > SEO & URLs tab, I have changed the Shop domain and SSL domain settings from to
After this change, the URL no longer gets changed to
For a second I thought that the problem is solved...But it wasn't...I still cannot access the site from internet.
The error message displayed on the Safari browser on iPad is:
"Server could not open the page because the server stopped responding"

In Apache configuration, I have set up the Timeout limit from 300 to 500 but no avail...

I am still completely at a loss as to why I am having this problem.

UPDATE 17.11. 0:00
it works! The two changes I reported about in my previous update DID solve the issue. Apparently when I first tried to access the Prestashop site after those 2 changes, QNAP
was too busy because of which the request timed-out. I tried it again later when QNAP was idle and this time it worked!

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