[Problem] With Notestation3 3.5

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[Problem] With Notestation3 3.5

Post by wedsys » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:26 pm

Hi !

Since i have upgrade my Notestation with the last upgrade (3.5) it seem to works badly.

I can connect to my notestation if i connect to my qnap and then i launch notestation (no login page when i come to QTS), but if i just click on the notestations icon on my qnap homepage (with no login on it) and i try to connect to the notestation login page it's dosen't work, i have alway a "no valid username or password" ...

I have the same issue with Notes Station3 Clipper ...

With Note Stations 3 app for ios it work.

Have you the same issue ?

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