decrypt of notes fails after update

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decrypt of notes fails after update

Post by ragupati » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:58 pm

Hello qnap community members,
I have an issue with qnotes

Updated QNAP TS-253A version 4.4.1 1101 and apps and got this disaster with notes station.
my encrypted notes with Notes Station Version 2.1.58 build 20190617_16071 are not decrypting back
When I try to decrypt a note with any browser or mobile app I receive empty note window like new note.

I checked mysql database for the notes and maybe there is some way to decrypt the notes stored in there?

I tried this way:
SELECT AES_DECRYPT(UNHEX('crypted_note_content'), 'note_password') FROM DUAL;
but receive
Any help please?

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