Err:2 and Err:3 in the logs?

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Err:2 and Err:3 in the logs?

Post by wkearney99 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:30 pm

Anyone had McAfee log errors like this?

~/share/server/drivers/usb/fujitsu/scansnap/windows 7/temp/IXP000.TMP/MSXML/msxml6_x64.msi: not scanned (err:2)
~/share/projects/vbscript/ not scanned (err:2)
~/share/server/drivers/usb/fujitsu/scansnap/installed/PFU/ScanSnap/Receipt/ not scanned (err:3)
~/share/Downloads/11E3.tmp: not scanned (err:3)

The two files are 2mb and 14k in size, well under the 25mb max set in the scan jobs.

In the case of the '' file above, the archive has a password (thus deep scanning into it wouldn't be expected to function). But in the case of the 11E3.tmp file, it's not encrypted, just a tmp file of binary data.

The reports an incomplete archive when attempting to extract with WinRAR or via the Explorer itself.

What do the err numbers mean? It'd help if they included that in the log file instead of just a number. Meanwhile, I hope this might help anyone else stumbling in here via searching for McAfee log errors.

TVS-671 G3250 (for now)

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