[QPKG] Google Cloud Storage 1.1.330 released

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[QPKG] Google Cloud Storage 1.1.330 released

Post by Toxic17 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:17 pm

A new Google Cloud Storage App has now been released and available in the App Center. No Changelog as yet.
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Re: [QPKG] Google Cloud Storage 1.1.330 released

Post by paulchu » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:39 pm

Hi, below are features included:
● Supports manual and scheduled backup or restore with flexible options (periodical, run at, run after another job)
● Supports full and incremental backup (uploading only changed or new files)
● Supports flexible file filtering using type, date, and size
● Supports SSL transfer encryption and client-side AES-256 encryption (data at rest is also encrypted)
● Supports file compression for cost saving and efficient data transfer (configurable level and not to compress already-compressed files)
● Supports reserving deleted files in the cloud and configurable retention periods (clean up your deleted files of backed-up data in the cloud)
● Supports preserving advanced ACLs and extended attributes (they will be applied to restored data)
● Supports detecting sparse files (storing only valid data parts in the cloud)
● Supports cloud archival mode (cleaning up local files after backup)
● Supports concurrent job execution and fast multi-threaded data transfer (transferring multiple files at once)
● Supports per-account bandwidth throttling with configurable duration (separated upload/download speed and can throttle only during week days)
● Supports restoring directly from the cloud for disaster recovery scenario (you may retrieve folder structure first and choose which folder to restore later)
● Supports configurable network error recovery options (timeouts, retries counts, ...)
● Supports managing multiple cloud accounts
● Supports dashboard for job status and statistics (a quick overview and provide the estimated finish time by tracking the recent data transfer rate)
● Supports job activity logging for tracing history of status and statistics (to know how much storage and bandwidth used per run of job)
● Supports alerting when using too much storage or taking too much time
● Supports flexible selection for container and folder as backup destinations
● Supports native Google Cloud Storage API (instead of using its partial-S3-compatible API, so it supports multi-part upload for big files)

Reminder: Please run some simple backup restore tests to make sure the feature behaves as you expect. Feel free to contact our helpdesk to know more details.

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Re: [QPKG] Google Cloud Storage 1.1.330 released

Post by huseyinakman » Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:01 pm

I just installed the api but i can not use it.
I can able to create an Account but i can not create BACKUP job. system give an errror "the bucket is not empty" while try to greate bucket

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