Using QNAP OSS for Openstack Swift?

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Using QNAP OSS for Openstack Swift?

Post by Sadarex » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:56 pm


i hope someone can help me with my current project.

What i want to do:

I want to extend my current Openstack Environment with "Openstack Swift"
using the QNAP as the Storage Node.

What i have:

Basic (and working) Openstack installation and activated "OSS" App in the QNAP.

Version: 4.2.3

OSS App: 1.0.912

My first question is:
Is it possible to use the QNAP as a "Storage Node" for Swift or did i understood something wrong?

Assuming it's possible:
How do i authenticate against the QNAP users (and access keys) and how do i configure Swift correctly to use the QNAP OSS App?

If i just follow the introductions from here: ... arted.html

I get an "404 - Not Found" error, when i want to create a container.
Maybe because it's just "connecting" to "qnapip:8010" instead of "qnapip:8010/v1/auth"?
Because when i open "qnapip:8010" in the browser i get an 404 errorcode too.


Can someone help me with this or does have some good tutorials etc. for this topic?
I googled for 2 days now and can't find a solution for my questions.

Best Regards

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