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Access Rights on QNAP for CIFS Mount

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:44 pm
by Silastar
Hello everyone,

after spending most of the day on something that should bas simple as stating from where , to where, with what user, I'm kind of desperate...

I've been trying to mount a simple NFS share on one of my VM (Ubuntu 18.10) on my Proxmox....

What I get is fustration...

Code: Select all

mount -t nfs QNAP_IP:/path/to/folder /mnt/FOLDER -o username=USERTHATNEEDSACCESS
I've setup NFS sharing right to the WHOLE home network (through the settings panel of the QNAP), RW, NO_ROOT_SQUASH.

I've setup an account to access the share... I've even resorted to use the admin account for the NAS...

Showmount will show the mounting points

root@RADARR-ENG:~# showmount -e QNAP_IP
Export list for QNAP_IP:

But I get a permission denied all the time

So the server is talking to the NAS, but no can do....