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NFS autoshare ??

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:19 am
by mirror79
Hi, I am using QNAP TS-251+. I often connect external HDDs to it and they always automount into SMB network which is great for my network multimedia player (the HDD is always "visible" in the samba network several seconds after connecting it into USB and the folder name of this shared folder is usually same as the label of the HDD). Now I am going to buy new multimedia player (Vero 4K+) and use NFS share instead of SMB. Unfortunately as I already tried, in case of NFS I have to manually share each folder individually to make it available/visible in NFS network. My every external HDD connected has different label so it is mounted under different name. So now I probably have to connect every HDD and set the sharing with NFS on it manually, because each of them will mount into different folder due to their different labels. Is there any way how to automatize NFS sharing in the same way as it is in the SMB network? If not, would it help to name all the external HDDs to same label, share one of these HDDs and hope, that it will work for the other HDDs with the same label (which will lead to mount it under same name for every HDD) ? I should notice that I use always admin access credentials to browse the network (SMB and NFS too). Is there any way how to solve this ?
Thank you for any tips.