QNAP NAS with WD White using Kapton Tape?

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QNAP NAS with WD White using Kapton Tape?

Post by Geronemo3 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:58 am

Currently I am using WD Reds 8TB drives in my NAS that I took out from WD external drive a couple of yrs ago.
These have been working flawlessly. I know opening the case voids my warranty etc. I am not worried about that.

Now I've read that WD externals come with WD white drives and not the reds. I am looking to upgrade to 12TB.

Is there any difference between the reds and whites?
Are some of you using the WD white with kapton take successfully and what's your experience like?

The price difference between the WD red 12 Tb internal and WD 12TB external is double.


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Re: QNAP NAS with WD White using Kapton Tape?

Post by dolbyman » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:39 am

most regulars (me included) enjoy the warranty of the actual drives and the features that are probably disabled on external shucked drives (like tler..as that would be bad for single drives)

I have heard of those tape shenanigans you would have to to for power off enabled drives..but your best bet would be a drive focused forum or subreddit for that kind of question

I wouldn't risk buggering up my nas sata connectors with tape

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