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QTS build 20200330

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 8:40 pm
by abbychou
QTS build 20200330

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Release note:

QTS build 20200330

- TS-1635AX.

[Important Notes]
- For the status of QTS updates and maintenance for your NAS model, visit
- We have fixed the vulnerabilities in the following apps to ensure your data security: Surveillance Station, QVPN Service, Qfiling, Qsync Central, QcalAgent, and IFTTT Agent. To continue using these apps, go to the App Center and update them to the latest version.
- For more information on the kernel versions for NAS models that QTS 4.4.1 supports, see
- Removed the following applications from App Center due to PHP 7 updates in QTS 4.4.1: "phpEasyProject", "Dolphin", "CMS Made Simple", "Vtiger CRM", "iStat", "PostgreSQL", and "ownCloud".
- Due to PHP 7 updates in QTS 4.4.1, PostgreSQL can no longer work with phpPgAdmin. If you use phpPgAdmin to manage your PostgreSQL data, ensure that you have exported the data before updating QTS. For details on how to create a managed PostgreSQL container in Container Station, see ... -container
- Due to compatibility issues, the following applications have been removed from the App Center in QTS 4.4.1: FileFlex, MantisBT, SugarCRM, Xeams, DokuWiki, and Azure Storage.
- Once you update QTS to 4.4.1 (or later) on the TS-1635AX, you will not be able to downgrade QTS to versions earlier than 4.4.1.
- Removed support for Plex Home Theater from HybridDesk Station.

[Fixed Issues]
- Users could not access data or mount volumes in a RAID 6 storage pool on the TS-1635AX.