Dual 2.5G Ethernet Port usage Question

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Dual 2.5G Ethernet Port usage Question

Post by Roam1988 » Sat Aug 29, 2020 10:47 pm


currently I am using a TS-251A only connected via one Ethernet Cable to my home network without any major problems.
But my plan is to upgrade to the new 253D because performance for multiple users, especially while using Plex, isn't really the best on the 251A.

I recently updated my computer as well, so now I am having 2.5G LAN and wifi 6 capable of nearly 2Gb/s BUT my Router, while it has wifi 6, only has 1Gb LAN ports.

So my question is (it's more of a sanity check before I go and spend hundreds of Euros for new equipment), is it possible to connect the new 253D with its 2.5G Port directly to my Pc trough one Port and the other Port to the router, so that anyone in my network can access the Nas?
Then I would connect my computer to the router via WiFi. And in my understanding this configuration would allow me to access the NAS from my computer with higher speeds and the rest of the network would be able to use the NAS as ever before. Plus my computer should be able to access the internet via WiFi.

Am I right or do I miss something here?

Thanks in advance

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