Which Power supply model for TS-219P+

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Which Power supply model for TS-219P+

Post by ruffp » Wed Sep 02, 2020 3:00 am


I am writing because I do not find answers on the whole site (compatibilty ot other support pages).

I have a TS-219P+ (2 bays) which accept a 12V entry, but I have some site which have the following references for the power supply:
  1. PWR-ADAPTER-65W-A01
  2. PWR-ADAPTER-65W-A02
Some shops are even offering 60W 12V power supply without any reference. For the last point, I know I have to rely on the site support, but for the NAS TS-219P+ specifically, is one of the above reference works with that NAS or I should look for another reference? in the latter case, what is the spare part number to refer when looking for such article?

I am located in Europe / Switzerland, but I think only the second part of the power supply is relevant as the cable is a standard one for electronic supplies (VDE?).

Thanks for your support.

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