Setup 2nd network interface from command line

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Setup 2nd network interface from command line

Post by yujungchang » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:25 am

I have a TS-231+ and it has 2 network interfaces. The primary one is busted (phy AR8035 is hot, constant amber led and no activities) as the earlier discussion thread below. Unlike his TS-219+, the TS-231+ has 2 network ports and I would like to learn how to configure the 2nd network controller from the command line.


Even though the network is broken, I managed to solder a serial cable and able to see all the boot messages, as well as login with admin/admin. I'm able to run some commands, mount USB and copy to/from a USB drive, etc. However I'm not familiar with the busybox/linux network set up through the shell commands. I saw there're eth0 (primary failed network interface), bond0, bond1 created, but do not see eth1 and don't know how to generate that (or load the driver to create eth1). Boot log is attached.

According to the Qnap support email, I have to set up the "port trunking". Please let me know if there's already a write up on this that works on Qnap. Thanks!
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