After power outage I can connect it only via ssh

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After power outage I can connect it only via ssh

Post by auato » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:34 pm


NAS --> TS239
QTS --> 4.2.6
encryption activated
Backup UPS--> APC CS/650

Hi, I surfed a lot across similar issues but I didn't find a suit solution for me.
After a power outage (even for a few seconds) my Qnap is not reachable anymore via webpage. It's possible to access it through SSH and looking at the thread here viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8396&sid=f1a527220 ... c3fc3860ed I discovered that all the files in the directory /etc/config/stunnel disappeared. If I try to copy the file from /etc/default_config/stunnel/ I get the response "cannot create regular file Read Only file system". I am able to restart the NAS through Qfinder and after that, I find in the /etc/config/stunnel/ all file retrieved like stunnel.conf, stunnel.pem, stunnel.pem.temp, backup.key, backup.cert

Please, can you address me for a troubleshooting?
Thank you!

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