[TS-419P] HDD spins down but then back up and down in a loop

Discussion about hard drive spin down (standby) feature of NAS.
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[TS-419P] HDD spins down but then back up and down in a loop

Post by pmatil » Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:30 pm

I recently got a used TS-419P which had custom OS in it. I managed to restore factory software and it seems to work fine... except that the HDD spin down is behaving oddly.

I only have a single disk at this point: Seagate SV35 3 TB. I only installed a few apps in addition to the ones that are already installed: Picture Station, Video Station etc. I have not enabled any shares in addition to the default ones. No network drives have been configured to use the shares in the PCs in the network.

I have enabled the system setting to spin down the HDD after 30 minutes and also turn off the status LED. The behaviour is as follows:

- The HDD spins down after the said time
- After a few minutes, it spins back up
- It spins a few minutes or less, then spins back down
- After a few minutes it spins back up.
- etc.

The status led is sometimes off, sometimes on at this point. When it's on, it stays solid green.

I have tried to turn off any sync/scan etc. jobs in the settings. I even disabled qsync and no account on qnap cloud. No PCs are accessing the NAS as far as I can tell. ALso NTP is turned off and the NAS is using static IP. Blkdevmonitor reports no disk access.

Could it be that the HDD is incompatible? This model is not listed in the supported HDD list. If it is then I have to get another but I would like to confirm this.

Oh right the S/W used is the latest QTS 4.2.3 build 20170121. Flashed image is the one that is in the Flash Reburn live-cd image (F_TS-419P_20091205-3.1.2.img).
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