[Disk write monitor] fatrace

Discussion about hard drive spin down (standby) feature of NAS.
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[Disk write monitor] fatrace

Post by PatZy » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:14 am

Hey folks,
I didn't find this solution anywhere around here but I think this is a really great method to monitor disk writes. The program is called fatrace (which stands for file access trace, not fat race :) )

The binary worked flawlessly on my TS-251 (Intel x86-64). I added a request on entware-ng, probably you could +1 it if you like: https://github.com/Entware-ng/Entware-ng/issues/813

You can download the binary for x86 here here or for direct download here.

Extract both the .deb archive and the data.tar.xz file inside and move the fatrace and power-usage-report files to any directory you like. I put them in /opt/sbin.

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chmod +x
both files. It should work now but without filtering it gives you a long list of uninteresting opens and closes. I suggest the following filters:

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cd /mnt/HDA_ROOT/
fatrace -c -f W

Explanation: The cd makes the -c option to only monitor changes on the HDD. The -f W option only monitors writes. Now you get a list as soon as a process writes to a file. This should help tracking down writes which wake your HDD.

Hope this all is not already known and helps some folks tracking down disk wakes. Again, if you want to have it added to entware-ng too, here is the link where you can say so: https://github.com/Entware-ng/Entware-ng/issues/813

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