HDD Spin Down on TS-412 running Build 20190102

Discussion about hard drive spin down (standby) feature of NAS.
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HDD Spin Down on TS-412 running Build 20190102

Post by r7g200 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:01 am


I'm running a TS-412 box with firmware version Build 20190102.

I am of those chasing the holy grail of HDD Spin Down. Have tried as many of the suggestions as I could find on this forum; but to no avail and so turn so your collective, expert and ... I must say ... rather impressively deep knowledge.

Output for all 100 iterations of the blkdevMonitor script can be found in two parts at the following paste bins:

blkdevMonitor_v2.log (part 1): https://pastebin.com/CmxJM05R
blkdevMonitor_v2.log (part 2): https://pastebin.com/J1xfrEeU

I've disabled as many settings as possible. First, in Cloud Link:
  • No Auto Router Configuration
    No DDNS
    No Published Services
    Access Control set to Private
    And Even removed SSL certificate
And then through the Control Panel:
  • Time set to manual (i.e. not to synch with an NTP server)
    No iTunes Server
    No DLNA Media Server
    Media Libray is deactivated
    No Web Server
    No LDAP Server
    No SQL Server
    No Syslog Server
    No Antivirus Server
    No RADIUS Server
    No TFTP Server
No external USB is plugged in and all machines (two laptops) on the network have been switched off.

There are no optional apps installed except perhaps QTS SSL Certificate and Cloudlink (I have uninstalled Helpdesk, Download Station and Photo Station).

HDD Standby timeout set to 5 mins.

Appreciate there are two opposing schools of thought around aiming for spin down vs leaving them spinning 24/7. I have a simple use case to use this box as a very simple and power efficient file server and wish to have my box idle mostly at around 9 watts and not be constantly drawing 26 - 35 watts.

Many Thanks for your time and the great knowledge sharing! It is because of this forum I haven't thrown my box away and will persist in mastering what has honestly been a rock solid box nevertheless. Just wish I could get it spin down when not in use.

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