TS431p: RAID1 volume for system + separate RAID1 volume for data ?

Discussion about hard drive spin down (standby) feature of NAS.
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TS431p: RAID1 volume for system + separate RAID1 volume for data ?

Post by iulianb » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:14 am

Hi guys,

I plan on buying my first NAS to have a centralized place for all my photos and other data (TS-431p seems to fit my needs currently).
Since I'm a modest home user, and the NAS will sit in my living room, the noise level is on top of my priority list.

Main usage for the NAS would be:
1. General storage
2. Photo station
3. Some internal web apps like wordpress/wiki, etc.
4. I don't need transcoding.

On average I would access the files on the NAS once a day, but it could be several days, up to a week when I would not touch any files on the NAS.

Based on my above requirements, having a NAS that does not spin down the HDDs would be a serious overkill, not to mention probably a showstopper due to the constant noise in my living room.

After reading many topics here and especially viewtopic.php?f=55&t=130788 my plan is the following:
P1. Create a RAID-1 volume with 2x120GB SSDs for the system partition, swap and other more-frequent accessed data
P2. Create a second RAID-1 volume with 2x3TB HDDs for the photos & general files
P3. Remove the HDDs from the RAID-1 volume created internally by QTS for the system partition.

After this, I assume that:
A1. The HDDs would be in hibernation for most of the time, until I actually access any data on them
A2. Accessing QTS web apps (wordpress server/wiki server) would not wake up the HDDs since it would access data only on the first RAID-1 volume (with the SSDs).
A3. Accessing files on the SDDs would not wake up the HDDs
A4. The NAS would be completely quiet most of the time

Does this setup make sense/my current assumptions are valid or have I missed something?

Thank you!

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Re: TS431p: RAID1 volume for system + separate RAID1 volume for data ?

Post by dolbyman » Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:40 am

A5:There is no individual disk standby..do one large Raid5 (4x3TB) and dont worry about the system spindown

I have 9 constantly spinning disks in two qnap systems (419p+ and 951X) ..works just fine (all quiet cool wd red)

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