[?] TS-h886 NFS mounting, and missing features?

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[?] TS-h886 NFS mounting, and missing features?

Post by xoclutch » Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:03 pm

I recently purchased an TS-h886.

I'm attempting to mount a NFS share TO my NAS. For some reason it appears a lot of features are missing from the newer Hero OS.

When i attempted to use HybridMount to Mount an NFS, it only allows me to mount an NFS share, IF it is from another QNAP server.

I am able to mount NFS via SSH/CLI with mount. However, it does not appear in the "File Station"

Does anyone know how I can mount an NFS share, so that it will appear in the File Station folder list and work across reboots?

I've created "fake" shares, with hybrid mount and mounted the NFS share over it... however, it will not last through rebooots, it appears hybrid mount folders are randomly generated on boot. or something.

Any idea's?


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